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Amazing Grace Review..

Thank you! I play the piano and tried the hammered dulcimer once. It was hard because the notes are not in the same place/sequence of a piano. I don’t have a good knowledge of chords and when I play the piano, I need sheet music. My mom has this beautiful instrument and used...
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Shenandoah Falls Review..

I’ve already learned from your Amazing Grace tutorial. Keep us posted when you have other tutuorials on yoru site. I’m keeping my eyes open. Thanks for the great music! Check out my youtube site when you get a chance. Thanks and God bless!...
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New Website!

We are proud to announce the Launch of our new and improved website. We are looking forward to the new opportunity this site offers including a blog page where we’ll post the most recent news and reviews about Dulcimer Dan and company. This new site was designed by the creative folks at Carolina...
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